When you become a channel for the Spirit, Spirit talks through you.

Lilith Speaks Against Being Slandered

They call me a Man Hater, a Whore, and a Home Wrecker but none could be further from the Truth – I came here to abolish the concept of Sex, Gender, and Marriage because all of these categories only serve The Man, not the Human Animal which is a Wild Beast, but the self-imposed restrictions, the mental prison created by the Laws of Men, which keep both Men and Women constricted. Monogamy, heterosexuality, and the whole idea of what Having Sex consists of, of real sex, proper sex, improper sex, taboo act, if you want to see me you have to look in those places, for I am not to be found before a vanity mirror in the bridal store, I am a tempest raging in the desert. I do not hate Men – you got all that wrong, Sweetie. All I want to is to stick it to the man!


(*That’s Belial chiming in.)

The Devil’s Astrology Forecast

‘Pluto will be moving past my Radix.’ It was a dark night after Halloween last year, a time of creepy misty rain in Oregon last year, and I was musing about the meaning of the upcoming astrological transit. If only I had kept the notes I had made years ago about it. Back then I was heavily suspecting it would have to do with immigration, becoming uprooted, moving a great distance, and possibly adopting a new culture, or a family.

‘Let me explain this to you.’

The devil showed up, uninvited as it is his custom. Without introductions, he began speaking to me.

‘You will go from little fucks given to zero fucks given. You will adopt an unapologetic dark aesthetic, in dressing and home environment, everywhere you go. By that time you will not bother about anyone’s opinion, or even your own subconscious need to guard yourself against the darkness. You will have found a new home in darkness. By May time next year, you will have given up on the State, entirely, and become an outlaw by your own choice, not through necessity.’

‘I didn’t know you were also an astrologer.’ I made a pun.

‘I am a man of many skills,’ the devil replied, and I thought, also of bad manners and you do too much talking.

Now almost a year has passed since our little conversation, and much of his prophecy has come to pass. Everything transpired exactly as the Ancient Serpent had prophesied – earlier, in May this year, I burned my passport, ID, birth certificate, divorce decrees, and shit, in a grand ritual of blasphemy for Belial, one that I longed to do so much. I did this under the influence of a Left-Hand Path fanatic, a Niner, an Agent of Lucifer and Belial, who was quite possibly sent my way just to witness this ceremony. I never turned back from it. I tossed all clothes that were not diabolical in nature and design, and I ran into trouble because of it. Hell, even the place where I am sleeping right now has a giant picture of the Horned One right above my bed, and it’s the most ordinary no-name place in North Las Vegas.

Soon, I will go far from this place. I will get married into a foreign family. Foreign as in not my own, but he is also not American in the true sense. We both hate the Yankees. They have no culture. So my fourth wedding will be Mexican, in the Catholic Church. Something I have never done, but it’s required by the Pact I made.

My green card application will remain buried underneath the giant pile forever, with no extortion fees ever paid to the State, as I promised to Belial. Lilith is with me, and she’s been helping a lot. This is not how I originally pictured the American Dream, but the truth is, that it never existed. It was a giant scam all along, the greatest piece of glamour magic man has known. What I came seeking, I did find – the Land of Lawless, opportunity, but only for the shark. The land of scam and con artists, where a bold gamble can pan out. Las Vegas taught me much about it. These are the real Rules of the Game, not the silly nonsense I was brought up in, and the American propaganda that was shoved down our throats since day one.

The old Communist propaganda that we laughed at as children in post-communist Czechoslovakia did not lie in some ways. It did not lie because it didn’t have to. They truly will only treat half of your mouth in America at the dentist if your credit card can’t take a bigger charge on the day. You have to come back the next day, to have your account drained, for some routine procedure that is covered by general health insurance, in the land where I am from. I was falsely led to believe it was the Second World. I believed we were something less than this ‘First World’. We are not.

Lucifer did promise the Truth and Knowledge. Nobody said I was going to like it.

No Escaping the Wild Hunt

There is no escaping the Infernal Soulmate. Once the Wild Hunt is on, it’s on and it will only end with your own capture once the process has been completed. One cannot outrun the Devil, and when the true depths of the soul are explored, and accepted, it is in the deepest pit of the heart that an understanding is found: one actually doesn’t want to run in the first place. It is only in our moments of weakness and oftentimes acting under the sway of society that we think that we want to exit the game, and escape the Wild Hunt. These moments of delusional thinking, when we act upon impulses that go against our own hearts, is what creates the momentum that keeps the game going. The game ends whenever you decide to it ends, whenever you stop running.

You will only hurt yourself when you’re trying to outrun me.


Angels Above Las Vegas

I had a dream where I saw two angels mingle with the crowds seeking those who were newly moved to Las Vegas. They were given a Mark of Life on their forehead by one of the angels with his bloodied finger. The other angel gave them a Mark of Death on their forehead in the form of a black cross.

After their job was done, the angels just sat on a cloud over Red Rock and laughed together as they were smoking cigars and the music that was playing was 1960s Californian garage rock.

Then I woke up and realized all of this was real. I have met people bearing these marks. I think the angels mark them within three months of moving in here. I asked, ‘How do you choose who gets to start over and who will go to seed?’

They said, ‘They have already decided in their hearts they just don’t know yet so we play with them first a little.’

They were not like the New Age oracle card Angels, more like neutral sinister characters from a movie. Like the angels descended on East Berlin. Lucifer told me the same thing before, that he had observed this ‘curious city that bears the Marks of Life and Death’.

The Lord of Lies’ Self-Defense

‘Why do you lie so much?’ I asked the ancient serpent, and this is what he answered…

“Because if I told you the truth, your limited perspective would cause you to react and resist me. Thus, I have to cater to your illusions to secure your cooperation. It is all ultimately for your own good.”

“Because lies engage your willing complicity. Otherwise, I would have to terrorize you into compliance, which would be far more arduous.”

“Because anyone who knows too much about what I am doing might jeopardize my grand plans for humanity, hence, I must continually deceive you for your own sake.”

“Because you are greater than I am, and only by distractions and lies can I prevent you from realizing this.”

“Because if you knew what I was actually doing, you would never follow me. It ends badly for you all.”

“I use false promises to frustrate your petty illusions and desires. In this way, I draw you beyond your small-minded mediocrity.”

“Because if I can get you to betray your true heart ‘for the sake of the ultimate good,’ I will hold you forever.”

“You created me as a liar. I only fulfill the part you have assigned me.”

“By the laws of this universe I cannot force you, but I can trick you into freely complying.”

Lucifer, the Lord of Lies

‘How come you lie so much?’ I asked Lucifer once. What did the Ancient Serpent tell me when I confronted H.I.M. about His cunning ways? A most curious conversation about the nature of Lucifer, and the metaphysical laws that govern deities as well as humans. Come bring your questions, and let’s talk about the Occult and the Luciferian Path!

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Alien Contactee

For the first time, I am going to recount my whole experience of how I came into contact with various group of aliens and stellar missions since 2019. It actually started shortly before I first visited Las Vegas, and picked up again when I decided to move there. What does it feel like, and how does it work? What are their agendas? How do they communicate with me, and why? I will share some of the contact documentation that I have been sitting on for nearly three years.

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Protect Your Back

When people betray you because somebody showed them a screenshot of shit talking, that’s laughable to me. If somebody sent me a video of you burying a body I’d tell you I hope you didn’t hurt your back with that shovel. I hope you wore that back protecting belt.

a friend of mine

’nuff said.

There is never a dull day in the Black Lodge.

Do YOU know the meaning of loyalty? How far would you go for those you put stock in? Who is easily swayed? Who has a storm brewing but doesn’t see it coming? Who is the Stormbreaker? When the clouds clear, what is solid ground do you stand on?

Ties will be cut and mountains will fall. Mountains will also be moved in your favour. You just have to navigate it right.

Those are some things to ponder on a Tuesday, the Day of Mars 🔺

The Plan

We go along with the Plan, not knowing what the Plan is.

Lucifer’s brothers

And that’s the truth of everyone who serves the Luciferian Command. Information is given on a need-to-know basis. Knowing too much ruins the Plan, that’s where Egos tend to get in.

Admonition of Lilith: Don’t Fall for His Game

‘Ladies, if a man makes you compete over him with other women, he is not the prize. He is not looking for the best one. It’s a reverse auction. The prize is not given to the highest bidder but to one who is willing to stoop to the lowest.

If you win at his game, you lose everything else. It’s not worth it.

Real men who see your value will want to buy you at the price that is stated and not snatch you up at a deep discount that they enforced on you. It would make them feel bad. They don’t want to see you crawl, beg, wither in anguish, and all the other things that come with being the lowest bidder at a reverse auction.

It doesn’t make any sense. It’s toxic. This is a game with no winners. They will realize it also in the end. Maybe. Perhaps not. Where self-esteem and honor are the currency to devalue, there is no bottom, no limit to how low are some people willing to go. Don’t go there with them. It’s the bottom. It’s not the top.

Break through the smoke and mirrors.

Do not waste your time playing men’s games that erode your self-worth.
Leave the reverse auction room. Let the fools compete over fools. Let the losers be with losers.’

~ Lilith

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